Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why did I get the Settlement Notice?

    The Notice is given pursuant to an order issued by the Superior Court of New Jersey. The Notice serves to inform you of the proposed settlement of the class action lawsuit and the hearing to be held by the Court to consider the fairness, reasonableness, and adequacy of the Settlement. The Notice is intended to inform you how this lawsuit and proposed Settlement may affect your rights and what steps you may take in relation to it.

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  2. Why is this a class action?

    A class action is a type of lawsuit in which one or several individuals or entities prosecute claims on behalf of all members of a group of similarly situated persons and entities (i.e., the class) to obtain monetary or other relief for the entire group. Class actions avoid the necessity of each member of a class having to file his, her, or its own separate lawsuit to obtain relief.

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  3. What is this case about?

    This case arises out of allegations that Defendants violated Sections 11, 12(a)(2), and 15 of the Securities Act of 1933. Among other things, the Action alleges that the S-4 registration statement and prospectus that was issued in connection with Newell’s April 2016 acquisition of and merger with Jarden contained untrue and misleading statements and failed to disclose material information concerning Newell’s core-sales growth and the personnel and resources involved in the integration of Jarden.

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  4. How do I know if I am part of the Class? Are there exceptions to being included in the Class?

    Note that only investors who received Newell common stock as part of the acquisition and merger with Jarden Corporation, in exchange for Jarden shares, are eligible in this settlement.

    The Class is defined as:

    All persons or entities who acquired the common stock of Newell Brands Inc. pursuant [] to the S-4 registration statement and prospectus (including all amendments thereto and all documents incorporated therein) issued in connection with Newell Brands Inc.’s April 2016 acquisition of and merger with Jarden Corporation.

    There are some individuals and entities that are excluded from the Class by definition.

    Excluded from the Class are:

    • The Defendants and their family members;
    • The officers, directors, and affiliates of Defendants and their immediate families;
    • The legal representatives, heirs, successors, or assigns of any of the foregoing;
    • Any entity in which any Defendant has or had a controlling interest;

    Additionally, any person or entity who timely and validly requested exclusion, as explained in the Notice, is excluded from the Class.

    The Class definition is subject to change by Court order, pursuant to Rule 4:32-2 of the New Jersey Court Rules.

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  5. Has the Court decided who is right?

    No. The Settlement was reached after a thorough investigation by Plaintiff’s Counsel, extensive discovery, summary judgment briefing and three mediations. The Court has not reached any final decisions in connection with Plaintiff’s claims against Defendants. Instead, Plaintiff and Defendants have agreed to this Settlement, which was reached with the substantial assistance of a highly respected mediator of complex class actions.

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  6. Do I have a lawyer in this case?

    As a member of the Class, you will be represented by Class Counsel, who are:

    Deborah Clark-Weintraub
    Max R. Schwartz
    The Helmsley Building
    230 Park Avenue, 17th Floor
    New York, NY 10169
    Telephone: (212) 223-6444
    Facsimile: (212) 223-6334

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  7. What is the ticker symbol/CUSIP?

    The CUSIP for Newell Common Stock during the April 2016 acquisition and merger was 651229106. The ticker symbol Newell Common Stock during the April 2016 acquisition and merger was NWL. The CUSIP for Jarden Common Stock before the April 2016 acquisition and merger was 471109108. The ticker symbol Jarden Common Stock before the April 2016 acquisition and merger was JAH.

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